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Interview at Gheir.com !

October 08, 2020 4 min read


Dee By Diana One of the jewelry brands that caught our attention, firstly it offers unique pieces not imitated and not repeated, and secondly because it involves an important message, it promotes peace! In Dee By Diana we loved the beautiful flowing lines that reflect a lot of sweetness, and we liked its unprecedented way of mixing natural sand with 18 carat gold and 100% pure silk.

To learn more about Diana Soukar and the designs, we asked her the following questions :

How would you introduce yourself and your brand to our readers?

My Name is Diana Soukar, the co-founder of Dee By

Diana jewelry, a unique plated gold jeweler concept, created with

natural sand.

Why jewelry and not clothes designing?

As an architect ،٬in jewelry I see it as a form of expression and a

platform to create, but mostly it’s that jewelry touches your emotions

and makes you happy. People never forget the moment they received

a jewel gift or the feeling they had after purchasing their favorite

piece. This kind of emotion passes down through generations with that

particular piece.

We like the way you combine fabrics into jewelry. What inspired you

the most to create this collection?

Our unique Sea & Sand collection combines the natural sand with 18k

gold and 100% pure silk, creating a one-off design to bring you back

to nature with a glance.

It took us more than a year to pin down the concept of the sea & sand line. The

idea developed from the love of nature. Inspired by the transparent

ocean water to blue skies and summer beaches, we managed to

transfer that image using only natural material such as pure silk and

beach sand with blue prints.

Whom do you see wearing these pieces?

All stylish women, who wants to feel happy. For example, I’ve had

college girls and 80-something year old grandmothers wear my pieces.

Whether you prefer classic shapes or ultra-modern design, there is a

unique, handmade piece of jewelry for you.

Is there any specific message you’re trying to spread through these


The jewelry was designed to fill a void that I was looking for

personally. We wanted to create, through a piece of jewelry, the sense of

peace that comes from a visit to the beach by connecting us and

absorbing the earths energy. Alongside this was the idea that we can

still look good and luxurious using earths most simple and energetic

materials, given to us for free from mother earth .

How would you define your aesthetic? We can see lot of abstract lines

combined with very soft shapes..

Nature. In nature you see everything, starting from very soft curves to

straight and sharp lines. Our collection pieces were all inspired from

either a natural phenomenon, like the moon eclipse, or natural

elements that surround us everywhere, such as rain drops.

The Eclipse collection was inspired by the moon and stirs memories of

an island beach with every wear. Inspired by a water droplet, the One

Drop and Double Drop collection are modern examples of styling

nature into a contemporary vision.

Would you ever style your jewelries with other brands? Which brands

would you choose?

Yes of course, I love it when i see our pieces mixing and matching with

other brands. Actually some of my clients did that and it made me

happy to see that our minimal designs look fabulous when paired with

high-end brands such as Bulgari or Tiffany. However, for a totally

unique look, they always look amazing worn alone.

What would be the best way to style your jewelries? With what type of

clothes, and to which events?

The design and material combination of our jewelry makes interesting

pieces that can be worn for a coffee break with a t-shirt and jeans, or

a power meeting with a smarter style. It easily also pair with your little

black dress for happy hour, making it super versatile. This is exactly

what makes our jewelry design so special and unique.

What city inspires you the most the most when it comes to street


I would definitely say Monte Carlo, Monaco. It’s chic, classic and

playful; a city where nature connects with fashion incredibly, in a very

classy way, just like our jewelry.

What city is your favorite shopping destination?

Hong Kong. From high end department stores to street shops, it’s

always a joyful journey for a shopping destination.

What do you do to pamper yourself?

I buy the prettiest flowers I can find, go home and make myself a

bouquet, then listen to my favorite music for the rest of the day.

Open local souqs or big malls?

Open Souqs, where I can enjoy beautiful nature.

Beach day or a day on the plane?

As much as I love and enjoy travelling to different countries and being

introduced to different cultures, I would never miss an opportunity to

spend the day at the beach.

A piece of jewelry you dream to be gifted to you..

A Mikimoto Golden South Sea cultured pearl strand.


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